Declaration of accessibility Polish Accreditation Committee

The Polish Accreditation Committee undertakes to ensure the accessibility of its website in accordance with the Act of 4 April 2019 on the digital availability of websites and mobile applications of public entities. Journal of Laws 2019 item 848

​​The accessibility statement applies to the website.

The website is partly consistent with the Act on the availability of digital web and mobile applications with public entities due to incompatibility or the exemptions listed below: on the website of the documents, whose names are not fully adapted; some graphic materials (photos) do not have full accurate descriptions; some text materials do not have the proper hierarchy of headers.

Date of publication of the website: 2007.

Last major update date: October 2019.

The statement drawn up on 30 December 2019. Declaration drawn up on the basis of self-assessment carried out by the public entity. On the website you can use standard keyboard shortcuts.

Feedback and contact details

In case of problems with the accessibility of the website, please contact us.

The responsible persons are: Grzegorz Kołodziej, e-mail address and Barbara Jura, e-mail address You can also contact by calling +48 563 22 17 63.

Everyone has the right to request the availability of a digital website, mobile application or any element thereof. You can also request to make information available in alternative formats, for example, read inaccessible digital document describing the contents of the movie without audio description, etc.

The request should include details of the person submitting the request, an indication that a website or a mobile application and how it comes in contact. If the person requesting the report need to receive information in the form of an alternative, should also determine the form of the information.

The public body should fulfill the request immediately and not later than within 7 days. If this deadline is not possible, the public entity shall immediately inform about when the execution of the request will be possible, the date can not be longer than 2 months. If ensure availability is not possible, the public entity may propose an alternative way to access information.

If the entity refuses to respond to your request or to ensure the availability of alternative access to information, you can make a complaint about such action. After exhausting all possibilities you can submit a complaint to the Ombudsman.

Architectural accessibility

Polish Accreditation Committee Bureau, Żurawia 32/34 st., 00–515 Warsaw, Poland 

The building has an entrance from ul. Żurawia.

Polish Accreditation Committee Office is located on the second floor. The transition to the Office secured intercom is located directly at the front door on the right.

The height at which the intercom is mounted is not fully adapted to people with a mobility disability moving in a wheelchair.

The secretary’s office is at the end of the corridor (last door) on the left. There are information boards in the lobby marked in a contrasting way, at a height enabling people in wheelchairs or short people to use the boards.

There is one elevator in the building, adapted for people in wheelchairs and the blind – floor keys marked with a letter for the blind for Braille.

The building is not fully adapted for people with physical disabilities. Stairs lead to the building. The building does not have a ramp for wheelchairs.

The building has one vertical communication route (stairs). Continuous middle railing – serves as an escape route for the blind. Railing outside a continuous course not – serves as a way of communication for the blind.