Strategy of the Polish Accreditation Committee

The Polish Accreditation Committee has adopted the Strategy, which will be implemented until 2025, setting out operational objectives and tasks to achieve the following strategic objectives in each of the areas:

Strategic area I - PKA as an upholder of higher education quality standards

Strategic goals within this area are aimed at increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation of basic statutory tasks in the scope of programme evaluation of the quality of education and expressing opinions on the fulfilment of the conditions for conducting studies at a specific field, level and profile, as well as the relationship between the studies and the university’s strategy.

Strategic area II - PKA as a partner in fostering quality culture

Strategic goals within this area are oriented towards the implementation of PKA’s mission whom means fostering quality culture Polish higher education system. Their implementation requires an active approached towards stakeholders, initiating and conducting a debate on key issues related to the quality of education culture in universities.

Strategic area III - PKA as an active and globally recognised accreditation agency

Strategic goals within this area are oriented towards maintaining formal status of PKA in an international arena, as well as taking advantage of the opportunities and possibilities arising from international cooperation..

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