PKA’s mission statement

The Polish Accreditation Committee is an independent institution, acting to ensure and enhance the quality of education. The primary objectives of the Committee are to ensure compliance with quality standards in higher education, reflecting the European and global best practices, and to support public and non-public universities in the process of enhancing the quality of education and developing quality culture. These measures are aimed to ensure a high position of Polish higher education graduates on the national and international labour market and to increase the competitiveness of Polish higher education institutions as European institutions.

The overarching value which the Polish Accreditation Committee is guided by in its work is social good, because the quality and effectiveness of education significantly contribute to the development of intellectual capital and building of civil society.

The Polish Accreditation Committee carries out its mission by making mandatory program evaluations and formulating opinions on applications for granting the right to conduct studies. The Committee concern is that its opinions and assessments, as well as recommendations and recommendations leave wide scope for autonomous initiatives promoting the innovation of the didactic process and a high quality culture of education.

The Polish Accreditation Committee acts in a sense of responsibility for decisions affecting the development of higher education, building its credibility through objectivity of assessments and opinions, professionalism of undertaken actions, observance of the principle of openness and transparency of applied procedures, precision of argumentation, observance of ethical principles and respect for academic traditions.

The Polish Accreditation Committee recognizes its comprehensive cooperation and dialogue with all stakeholders of the education process, including the academic community, candidates for studies, employers as well as state and public administration bodies. Committee undertakes initiatives in the field of such cooperation, also internationally, actively cooperating with other accreditation committees and international organizations grouping them in the implementation of the Bologna Process and the construction of the European Higher Education Area.

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