okładka publikacji: Działalność PKA w 2010 roku

Report on the activity of PKA in 2010.

487/5000We present to you a publication containing a summary of the results of the State Accreditation Commission and Commission Office activity in the next year of their intensive work, resulting primarily from the implementation of the statutory obligations of the…
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okładka publikacji: Działalność PKA w 2012 roku

Report on the activity of PKA in 2012.

In line with established tradition, we present to you the next volume of the report on the activities of the Polish Accreditation Commission, synthetically summarizing its activity in 2012, containing information that will allow you to know both the conditions…
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Działalność Polskiej Komisji Akredytacyjnej w latach 2012-2015.

PKA activity in 2012-2015.

The activity of the Polish Accreditation Committee of the 4th term was subordinated to the obligations arising from the PKA mission and the implementation of the following strategic objectives set out in the Development Strategy adopted for the years 2012–2015…
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