Quality policy

The Polish Accreditation Committee, guided by the social interest, and in particular by the responsibility towards stakeholders, puts particular emphasis on maintaining quality standards while performing tasks related to the provision of high quality education in the European Higher Education Area.

The Commission adopts a pro-quality approach in all its activities, and sets quality objectives, recognizing the continuous improvement of elements covered by the processes of the implemented Quality Management System, affecting the implementation of these objectives.

  • the implementation of a process approach to quality management in the Committee,
  • proper planning and supervision of the performed tasks,
  • applying procedures and initiating new solutions to improve the quality of the activities,
  • enabling members, experts and other internal stakeholders to raise and develop their qualifications and competences,
  • identifying qualitative and quantitative changes related to the activities and functioning of the Quality Management System,
  • cyclical assessment of the functioning of the Quality Management System,
  • ensuring the efficient flow of information between internal and external stakeholders.