The anniversary

In 2022, the Polish Accreditation Committee celebrates its 20th anniversary. The Committee was established on January 1, 2002 as an independent experts body, which assessment the quality of education in higher education, and since then it has been covering all public and private universities in Poland.

The stages of the Committee’s development were marked by following amendments to the higher education law in Poland, inherently related to the Bologna Process and the European Area of Higher Education. Individual legal acts strengthened the position of PKA by precisely defining its competences and tasks in line with the evolutionary needs of the higher education sector, and thus – the system of ensuring and improving the quality of education.

This unique anniversary should become an opportunity for some reflections and summaries, and at the same time it should be a reason for some discussion about a new actions, which will be taking into consideration both – the challenges posed by the entire higher education sector and its needs. The celebrations planned by the PKA include initiatives through which we want to present the history and multidimensional activity of the Committee, as well as outline further development prospects.