The 20th anniversary of PKA

In 2022, the Polish Accreditation Committee celebrates its 20th anniversary. The Committee was established on January 1, 2002 as an independent experts body, which assessment the quality of education in higher education, and since then it has been covering all public and private universities in Poland. The stages of the Committee’s development were marked by … Read more

Evaluation of the programme assessment process

Since the beginning of its activities, the Polish Accreditation Committee has paid particular attention to dialogue with stakeholders. One of its basic elements is the functioning and improvement of a mechanism for the Committee to obtain feedback in a sustainable and orderly manner. As part of these activities, among others, the Committee has, since 2012, … Read more

Amendment of the PKA Statutes

Dear Sirs, We would like to kindly inform you that as of 29 March this year, Resolution No. 1/2022 of the Polish Accreditation Committee of 16 February 2022 on the amendment of PKA Resolution No. 4/2028 of 13 December 2018 on the Statutes of the Polish Accreditation Committee entered into force. At the same time, … Read more