Who can become a PKA student expert?

The PKA student expert may be any student of at least 2 years of studies, having the prospect of continuing studies for the next academic year. We are looking for individuals with a set of skills and knowledge, interested in improving their skills.

Are the duties of the student affairs expert treated as an employment?

The duties related to the student’s participation in the site visit of the Polish Accreditation Committee and the preparation of the report are specified in the service provision contract.

How long does it take to participate in the site visit and prepare a report?

Programme visits conducted by the Polish Accreditation Committee last 2 days, the student participates in them on a full-scale. The work also requires the student to travel the day before the start of the visit, as this is when a meeting of the evaluation panel takes place. In addition, sufficient time should be allocated for drafting report after the site visit.

Are candidates required to have relevant experience in student government?

The activity in the student government is not a formal requirement for recruitment. Activity in this area is undoubtedly an asset, but we also appreciate the involvement in other organizations, such as scientific circles or NGOs.

Is it possible to combine the PKA duties with studying?

Only students may join the pool. Obligations resulting from the implementation of the assigned duties require attention and time. The ability to plan your activities properly, just as in the case of activities in student organizations, enables you to perform your duties reliably.

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