Programme evaluation procedure

  • the preparation of a self-evaluation report by the higher education institution following guidelines and a template defined by the Presidium;

  • a site visit by the evaluation panel composed of the following members:

    • experts – academic teachers;

    • expert – student representative;

    • an expert representing employers (in the case of degree programmes offered in practical profile, and in the case of general academic profile, provided that the study programme includes internships);

    • international expert – depending on the feasibility and type of evaluation;

    • a secretary of the evaluation panel

  • drafting of the report by the evaluation panel, following a template defined by the Presidium

  • submitting the report of the evaluation panel to the higher education institution

  • the institution’s response to the report indicating its position

  • preparation of a draft opinion by the Section on the basis of the report of the evaluation panel and the institution’s position presented in response to the report

  • decision – resolution of the Presidium of the PKA;

  • publication of the report and the decision of the Presidium containing all comments, recommendations or other formal outcomes, as well as higher education institution’s response

Download the evaluation procedure in the case of a program evaluation carried out:  

Overview of the programme evaluation process:

  • The higher education institution submits the self-evaluation report to the Committee following the template and guidelines adopted by the PKA Presidium – within six weeks of receiving the request.
  • The site visit should be carried out within eight weeks of receiving the self-evaluation report.
  • The site visit shall be conducted in accordance with the rules for conducting the visit specified by the Presidium of the PKA and published on the website (attachment No. 10).
  • If the institution fails to provide the self-evaluation report and, at a later stage, a reply to the report, it shall not suspend the course of subsequent activities of the assessment procedure.
  • The Managing Director of the PKA Bureau informs the higher education institution of the date of the site visit and provides a draft schedule for the site visit, two weeks prior to the site visit.
  • The Chair of the evaluation panel is a member of the Committee or, in justified cases, an expert who is a former member of the Committee.
  • The evaluation panel, composed of two to seven members, shall be appointed by the Secretary-General after consulting the chair of the Section. The Secretary-General may, in particularly justified cases, extend the composition of the evaluation panel.
  • The evaluation panel should prepare a report within six weeks after reviewing the self-evaluation report and the site visit. Each expert is required to submit a separate report based on which the Chair of the panel prepares the final report.
  • The evaluation panel’s report is sent to the higher education institution, which may respond to it within three weeks of its receipt.
  • The Chairperson of the Section or a person designated by him or her presents the summary of the Section’s meeting, including the opinion and the draft of the decision on the evaluation, at the meeting of the Presidium, within six weeks of receiving the response from the higher education institution.
  • All decisions, including their justification and conclusions, are delivered by the Committee immediately after they are taken. A party dissatisfied with a decision of the Presidium may request a reconsideration within thirty days of the date of delivery of the resolution.

Reports as well as the Committee’s decisions and recommendations shall be published on its website.

  • a request from a higher education institution which has only positive programme evaluations or a positive complex evaluation;
  • site visit by the evaluation panel composed of members: