Meeting of the Advisory Council of the Polish Accreditation Committee

On December 8, 2021, a meeting of the Advisory Council of the Polish Accreditation Committee took place. The Advisory Council was appointed by the President of the PKA and performs opinion-giving and advisory functions for the concerning strategic directions for the development of the Committee.

During the inaugural meeting, prof. dr hab. Adam Budnikowski received the act of appointment as the President of the Advisory Council  from the hands of the PKA President – prof. dr hab. Stanisław Wrzoska.

Due to the current epidemic situation and the applicable safety rules resulting from legal regulations, members of the Advisory Council  participated in the meeting via the MS Teams platform. 12 members of the Advisory Council took a part in the event and it was chaired by prof. dr hab. Adam Budnikowski. The meeting was also attended by: prof. dr hab. Stanisław Wrzosek – President of the PKA, dr hab. Maria Próchnicka – PKA Secretary and Mrs. Izabela Kawiatkowska-Sujka – PKA Bureau Managing Director.

The subject of the considerations of the Advisory Council were the strategic directions of the development of the Committee formulated in the draft PKA Strategy for 2021-2025, as well as the draft PKA Statute. During the meeting, the Council adopted two resolutions in the form of resolutions expressing support for: 1) strategic directions of the development of the activities of the Committee proposed in the draft Strategy and 2) amendment of the Statute in the designed form, at the same time pointing to the need to consider detailed solutions proposed in the amendment to the Statute as part of internal regulations Committee.

The composition of the PKA Advisory Council can be found here.