Site visits planned by the Polish Accreditation Committee February 2020

At the  February 2020, PKA planned the following site visits: 


31 January – 1 February 

in the field of  economics at the Kielce University of Technology; 

16 – 17 February 

in the field of interior design at the University of Technology and Commerce Helena Chodkowska in Warsaw 

17 –18 February 

in the field political science at the University of Lodz; 

20 – 21 February 

in the field of finance and accounting at the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Karkowska Academy in Krakow; 

in the field of physical education  at the State Higher Vocational School in Konin; 

22 – 23 February 

in the field of computer science and econometrics  at the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Karkowski Academy  in Krakow; 

in the field of logistics at the branch of WSB University in Opole; 

in the field of law at the Social Academy of Sciences in Łódź; 

24 – 25 February 

in the field of finance and accounting at the State Stefan Batory University in Skierniewice; 

in the field of economics at the State Vocational Ignacy Mościcki University  in Ciechnów; 

25 – 26 February 

in the field of composition and music theory run at the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk; 

in the field of acting run in the branch in Wroclaw Stanisław Wyspiański Academy of Performing Arts; 

in the field of political science at the Adam Mickiewicz University of  in Poznan; 

in the field of cosmetology at the Medical University of Lublin; 

26 – 27 February 

in the field of archeology at the University of Warsaw; 

27 – 28 February 

in the field of international economic relations at the University of Lodz; 

28 – 29 February 

in the field of administration run in the branch faculty in Słupsk at the Gdańsk University; 

in the field of computer science conducted at the State Higher Vocational School in Nowy Sącz; 

in the field of national security run at the Naval Academy of the heroes of Westerplatte; 

in the field of physiotherapy at the Silesian Medical University in Katowice; 

29 February – 1 March

in the field of public health at the European Social and Technical University in Radom; 

in the field of computer science at the University of Management in Warsaw; 

in the field of economics run at the Powiśle College in Kwidzyn; 

in the field of computer science at the University of Management in Warsaw;