Training, consultations, webinars

The Polish Accreditation Committee, fulfilling its mission of activities to ensure and improve the quality of education, undertakes a number of projects that achieve the set goals. One of them is training and seminar activity, which largely serves to disseminate information on the principles and mode of evaluation of the quality of education.

Activity in the area of internal training activities is continued, including through numerous webinars, the schedule of which can be found on the “Guides and training” page. In addition, members, PKA experts and persons acting as the secretary of the evaluation team regularly consult the Secretary of the Polish Accreditation Committee, discussing the substantive aspects of PKA’s activities.

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The Polish Accreditation Committee recognizes its comprehensive cooperation and dialogue with all stakeholders of the education process, including the academic community. In line with this message, PKA undertakes initiatives in the field of cooperation with universities. In the area of training and seminar activity, last year we launched an initiative of open seminars carried out under the name “A new model of curriculum assessment in higher education”. Every year we also answer dozens of questions formulated by universities in relation to the program evaluation procedure and giving opinions on applications for permission to create studies .

In addition, to meet expectations, practice in this area has been enriched by the use of new communication tools. An innovative approach to conducting trainings implemented using the online platform allows participation in our trainings, in real time, which is why we have planned a webinar for universities, which can be read in the entry “PKA Webinar for universities“.