V4QA Forum Meeting

On October 12, 2023, a meeting of the Visegrád Group Quality Assurance Forum (V4QA Forum) took place in Prague. 

The V4QA Forum brings together accreditation agencies of the Visegrád Group, including the Hungarian agency MAB (Magyar Felsőoktatási Akkreditációs Bizottság), the Czech agency NAB (Národní Akreditační Úřad Pro Vysoké Školstvi), the Slovak agency SAAVS (Slovenská Akreditačná Agentúra Pre Vysoké Školstvo), and the Polish Accreditation Committee. 

The Forum’s primary objective is to facilitate the regular exchange of experiences, promote the development of an international network of experts, and foster the exchange of secretariat staff. The V4QA Forum is open to broader cooperation and joint international projects. 

As a member of the Forum, the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) maintains regular collaboration with quality assurance agencies in Central European countries. During the V4QA Forum meeting, PKA was represented by Dr. hab. Ariadna Strugielska and Dr. hab. Eng. Janusz Uriasz. 

During the meeting, PKA representatives presented a report on PKA’s activities in the years 2022-2023, discussed PKA’s stance on meeting the ESG requirements, with a focus on standard 3.4 ESG and the approach of the European Approach Commission. They also outlined the role and specifics of awarding PKA’s Certificates of Educational Excellence and provided an overview of future tasks facing the Commission, including the appointment of new PKA members and the need to implement a comprehensive evaluation. 

The coordination of the Forum’s work is carried out by the accreditation agency of the country holding the Visegrád Group presidency. PKA will assume this role for the first time in the upcoming year 2024.