PKA 2013 survey results.

Obrazek przedstawiający wykresThe Polish Accreditation Committee has finished analysis of questionnaires regarding evaluation of performance of 2013 assessment panels. Detailed results (as well as quaterly reports) are publicly available within the Information Panel of the Internal Quality Management System (available in Polish only). Please, consider browsing through full report and feel free to suggest us what should be done to increase response rates. The short selection of most important findings is presented below.

  • response rates is unfortunately very low – ca. 20,5%;
  • PKA received 22 questionnaires sent after institutional assessment and 60 after programme assessment;
  • 87% of intervieews have chosen the highest possible mark when answering structured questions. More than 97% have chosen positive or very positive mark;
  • ca. 70% of intervieews pointed out professionalism of members of the assessment panels.