ACA annual conference in Bordeaux.

Academic Corporation Association in cooperation with Agence Europe – Education – Formation France invites to the 2014 Annual Conference that will analyse current situation of the European higher education sector in the context of global trends („Europe in the world. Higher education trends across the globe”).

That overarching aim of the event will be facilitated by the key agenda points:it will assess the relative attractiveness of European higher education on a global scale. Issues to be addressed here include among others the global outreach under the new Erasmus+ Programme, and the Bologna Process as a model for regional cooperation worldwide. Secondly, the conference will address key issues of higher education and amongst them the future of the university in a world characterised by MOOCs and open educational resources, transnational education, and strategic partnerships.Thirdly, recent trends in major non – European countries and regions (such as Africa, India, Latin America, Russia and United States) will be put under analysis.

Detailed information can be found on the conference website.