PKA invited to give opnion on assumptions concerning Integrated Qualifications System.

The Polish Accreditation Committee received an invitation to take part in the opinion-giving process on the assumptions concerning project of a bill on Integrated Qualifications System. The bill provides for Polish Qualifications Framework, Integrated Qualifications Register as well as other regulations related to description of qualifications, linking qualifications with proper levels of Polish Qualifications Framework and pertaining to quality of qualifications and accumulation and credit transfer.

The Polish Qualifications Framework is a description of eight levels of qualifications in Poland (which corresponds to eight levels of European Qualifications Framework) that will be characterized through learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences. The Integrated Qualifications Register on the other hand stands for publicly available website listing qualifications that are possible to acquire in Poland.

More detailed information in the project is available on the website of the Polish Governmental Centre for Legislation.