New website of the Polish Accreditation Committee.

The Polish Accreditation Committee presents new website of the Committee. We decided that there are some crucial improvements indispensable to increase its functionality. Those are (among others):

  • integration of previously separated databases of programme and institutional evaluations and reports prepared by panels of experts (now accesible via „Browse quality assessment database” button);
  • System zarządzania jakością PKAdevelopment of information panel dedicated to present activities undertaken within a framework of internal quality management system of the Polish Accreditation Committee (in Polish only, currently!). It aims to provide every interested party with information regarding our plans, pending tasks as well as effects of our activities (e. g. via open access to archives). Content of the information panel will be updated on a regular basis;
  • placement of „FAQ” section on the main page;
  • preparation of extensive guidelines concerning programme and institutional evaluations as well as opinion giving process conducted by the Polish Accreditation Committee (accesible via „Quality assessments” and „Opinions” menu buttons);
  • gathering of all procedures and templates in one place („Templates and procedures” menu button”);
  • exposing publications prepared by PKA („Publication” menu tab available on a main page).

We do not consider work in this area done yet – there are already some plans aiming at making website more user friendly. If you think that there are some information lacking on the website or some malfunctions – please give us feedback via email (click on the footer).