Seminar on assessing research quality – Berlin, 07.02.2014.

Logo European Academy for Taxes, Economics & LawEuropean Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law organizes on 07.02.2014 practical seminar in Berlin dedicated to assessment of research quality („Assessing Research Quality. Outcomes – Impact – Integrity”) with experts from University of Bristol (United Kingdom), Research Institution (Switzerland), University of Groningen (the Netherlands) and Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation (Norway).

During the seminar experts will discuss (among others) how to compare research (including research in different areas), which tools to use, what is the importance of numerical indicators (such as number of citations) as well as how to assess impact of assessment on society.

Seminar is intended mainly for staff responsible for research evaluation, quality management in research, monitoring of research results, research governance and coordination. Detailed agenda can be found at the European Academy's website.