PKA representative will attend EQAR seminar.

The two day seminar planned in Bayreuth (Germany) on 29 – 30 April 2014 for 30 representatives from quality assurance agencies is supposed to provide for discussion on experiences of carrying out quality assurance reviews across borders. Organizers hope that meeting which is based on outcomes of a survey performed by EQAR will allow for identification of main challanges but also opportunities of operating in non – national higher education systems.

The idea of the seminar can be summed up to three following questions:

  • What are the experiences of quality assurance agencies with cross-border EQA? What are the benefits and challenges?
  • What would enable quality assurance agencies to be (more) internationally active in their QA activities, should they consider this a priority?
  • What would a reference point such as EQAR need to provide in order to be attractive to the QAAs wishing to be active in EQA?

The detailed agenda of the meeting which PKA will be repesented in can be found on the EQAR website.