CeQuInt Project – a leap forward.

CeQuInt Project meaning Certificate for Quality of Internationalisation, undertaken to develop methodology of internationalisation in which the Polish Accreditation Committee participate along with 13 other accreditation agencies is now in the next phase of realisation.

After reaching consensus in the scope of methodology to be used in pilot procedures partners started to develop detailed agendas of the assessments. At the moment 11 out of 12 agreed procedures are fully scheduled and on 20 December 2013 the first self – evaluation report has been submitted.

Moreover it was decided that impact study of assessment of internationalisation should be included witihin CeQuInt framework. Such assessment shall be related to given higher education institution, unit or programme and performed as a five step procedure: 1) after finishing of the self – evaluation, 2) before the site – visit, 3) after the site – visit, 4) after the whole procedure is finished, 5) after fixed amount of time. Methodology of the assessment is yet to be developed.

Detailed information on the CeQuInt project are available on the webpage of the European Consortium for Accreditation.